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Watkins Dominator Tremolo V Front (mid-60s)

Watkins Dominator Tremolo V Front (mid-60s)

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Early 1960's Watkins (WEM) Dominator V shaped 17 watt 2 speaker combo, the sound of the UK in the sixties.  Lovely tremolo as well.  

These are quite rare, and this one is in relatively good condition compared to most that have survived. There are some signs of minor wear and tear on the tolex, especially around the edges, as you'd expect for this type of amp, with this age. Speaker cloth is quite clean.  It's relatively unusual to find the grille cloth intact.

Comes with later WEM footswitch and a very rare, but imperfect, WEM cover (see photos).  The knobs are modern reproductions, not originals.  The speakers are the correct make & model but from the early 70s.

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