We stock parts that amp users might find useful.  The list below, while not comprehensive, shows some of what we currently have in stock. If there is anything you are looking for please contact us, we may be able to get it for you or we may have it already!



12AT7 - TAD
12AU7 - TAD
12AX7 JJ - TAD
5881 Tung-sol - TAD quartets
6L6GCM-STR - TAD quartets
6SJ7 NOS - TAD pairs
6V6GT TAD premium - quartets
7591 Tung Sol - TAD quartets
EL34 - TAD quartets
EL84 -  TAD quartets
GZ34/5AR4 - TAD unmatched




G4M 2xmRCA to 2xmRCA
G4M Inst Cornered 3m
G4M mMTSJack to mMTSJack, 3m
G4M mTRSJack to mTRSJack, 6m
G4M Speaker 1m
G4M Speaker 30ft
PE 2xmRCA to 2xmRCA 1m
PE Bantam Black 1ft
PE Bantam Black 6ft
PE Bantam Blue 1ft
PE Bantam Blue 6ft
PE Bantam Green 1ft
PE Bantam Red 1ft
PE Bantam Red 4ft
PE Inst Cornered Lo Noise 2m
PE Inst Straight Lo Noise 1m
PE Inst Straight Lo Noise 2m
PE Mic Lo Noise 1m
PE Mic Lo Noise 5m
PE Mic Reg 1m
PE Mic Reg 3m
PE Mic Reg 8m
PE mTRSJack to 2xmRCA 3m
TAD Inst Straight Reg 3m
TAD Inst Straight Tweed 6m
TAD Speaker 1.2m
TAD Speaker Extension 1.2m



G4M 2xmTSJack to 2xmRCA 1m
G4M 2xmTSJack to mTRSJack 1m
G4M fRCA to fRCA
G4M fTRSMJack to fTRSMJack
G4M fTSJack to fTSJack
G4M fXLR to fXLR
G4M mMTSJack to fTSJack
G4M mRCA to fTSJack
G4M mRCA to mXLR
G4M mTRSJack to 2xfTSJack
G4M mTRSJack to fTRSMJack
G4M mTRSJack to mXLR, 1m
G4M mTRSMJack to fTRSJack
G4M mTSJack to fRCA
G4M mTSJack to fTSMJack
G4M mTSJack to fXLR
G4M mXLR to mXLR
PE mRCA to fXLR 0.5m
PE mTRSJack to 2xmTSJack 1m
PE mTRSMJack to FXLR 0.5m
PE mTSJack to fXLR 0.5m



G4M fXLR jack
G4M mXLR jack
G4M TRS RA Jack Neutrik 
G4M TRS Straight Jack Neutrik 
G4M TRS Straight Jack Neutrik 
G4M TS RA Jack
G4M TS Straight Jack Neutrik 



Fender 1xRCA
Fender 1xTS
Fender 2xRCA
Fender 2xTRS
Gen 1xTS



TAD 1000VA Step-Down
TLC 100VA Step-Down
TLC 300VA Step-Down
TLC 500VA Step-Down