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Panoramic 1210/Magnatone 213 (1961)

Panoramic 1210/Magnatone 213 (1961)

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What was it about the early 60s that produced all these great amps?   This amp is that slightly larger output Magnatone that actually exceeds your expectations instead of being a slight let down.  It is a 15W push-pull Maggy with varistor vibrato that has all its part in the right proportions.  There are two channels, the vibrato one and the normal one.  You can even use a stereo jack to access both channels and mix them together.  We also discovered an undocumented trick when we were playing it - if you jumper the channels you get a phasing effect which takes the already unworldly vibrato out to the further reaches of the universerce.  Hyperbole?  Come and try it out and decide for yourself.

Costmetics?  It's pretty gorgeous.  It's the dark, not quite black Magnatone colour, not the brown, not quite chocolate Magnatone colour :-)  A great, original Jensen C12R speaker is just for the job. The handle is a replacement, other than that it's original.

This amp requires a step down transformer to run at UK voltages.

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