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Mel-O-Tone (Magnatone) MOTS Amp & Lap Steel Pair (1948)

Mel-O-Tone (Magnatone) MOTS Amp & Lap Steel Pair (1948)

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Very nice MOTS amp & steel pair, unusual to find a grille in such good condition, and a back panel to boot.  A great overdriven sound, which it gives up at low volumes making it a great bedroom amp. The Rola field coil speaker speaker is original, confirming the 1948 date given by the pots.  Just serviced, had to change the pot and a couple of knackered caps, apart from that, all original.


The lap steel is also a thing of beauty with a great sounding pickup with volume and tone controls on the steel. The steel has been professionally serviced.  The case is worn but still fully functional, all catches & handle working as expected. 


It's a great sounding low powered amp when paired with a guitar, like a champ but at a fraction of the price!

This amp runs at US voltage so a stepdown transformer will be required (supplied on request)

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