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Marshall Club & Country JMP4145 (1980)

Marshall Club & Country JMP4145 (1980)

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Marshall's famous but ultimately fruitless attempt to set up camp in Fender Twin territory. Nice try though, nothing wrong with this KT77 driven, 100 Watt, 4x10 beastie. Interesting choice for anyone looking for a different kind of clean. Ask any serious SRV fan.

This particular example is absolutely mint. How so? Well, the geniuses in Marshall marketing decide to prime the market by these amps away to notable British country proponents. So the luckily vocalist (sic) who received this one stored it, until now. So, it's mint. I changed the power tubes because they were wrong, other than, completely original. Ever seen one of these covers. No? Ever seen one of these footswitches? No? Thought not. Rarer than rare.


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