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Magnatone Melodier Amp & Lap Steel Pair (1953)

Magnatone Melodier Amp & Lap Steel Pair (1953)

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This is a very rare pair.  First off, the Melodier itself is very rare.  It's a push-pull lapsteel amp with the same tube compliment as the 5E3, built in 1953.  This is very early and pretty unprecedented for lap steel and for Magnatone.  They reverted back to single-ended for the next series.  Also, this has (half) a chrome logo, which was only used around 1953.  Most Melodiers are brown, but this has a MOTS covering, meaning it must be an early model 110 and probably the last MOTS lap steel amp produced in the US.


And then, we have the matching steel.  And the matching steel has a three throw chord changer. And is has a fully working, gorgeous case. 


So, this was a 15W professional lap steel set right at the end of the lap steel era, and probably used by a professional during their playing career.


It has a replacement handle, it's missing half a logo, a couple of caps had to be replaced, the death cap was removed, a 3-prong chord was added, but it is 80 years old this year so it not surprising it's not pristine.  But my God this is a great looking and sounding amp!

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