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Magnatone Custom 210 (1959)

Magnatone Custom 210 (1959)

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Original Magnatone 210. These are increasingly hard to find, and it's very rare to find one of these in such good condition. The speaker, the handle, the pilot light are frequently replaced and the top corners of the cab are normally chewed down to a curve. Not this one! Sharp in looks and warm in tone, this is pretty much perfect. I'm not going to on about the pitch-shifting vibrato because you already know it's sublime. The only non-original part is the non-destructive inline jack socket allowing you to connect it up with a larger speaker. We will revert this free of charge if it is not to your taste. Death cap removed, 3 prong cord and fuse holder added, non-destructively, of course.

Just about the sweetest small amp you will ever hear.

This amp runs at US voltage so a stepdown transformer will be required for the UK.
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