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Hine Bigknob 30 (2024)

Hine Bigknob 30 (2024)

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The Bigknob 30 comes courtesy of Malcolm Hine, London-based boutique designer.  The Bigknob is his signature amp, featuring an innovative ergonomic control panel layout that is intuitive and hard to make mistakes with however dark, hot & sweaty the venue may be!

Bigknob 30  is a 30 watt valve guitar amp with two  foot switchable channels - Normal and Overdrive and a valve driven spring reverb

Controls left to right are:

  • Volume: This control is only active when the Normal channel is selected, indicated by the green LED on the front panel.
  • Treble: Common to both channels
  • Bass:     Common to both channels
  • Reverb : Common to both channels
  • Drive: Controls the amount of overdrive in the drive channel, only active when the Drive channel is selected, indicated  by the red LED on the control panel.
  • Drive Master:  Controls the output level of the  drive channel and is only active when the drive channel is selected, indicated by the red LED on the control panel.

The rear panel:

  • Three 1/4 inch jack sockets for the channel switch , line out and extension speaker.
  • Speaker Impedance Switch. For  switching between 8 ohms and 16 ohms.
  • Power Valve biasing: there are two test points and a rotary control on the rear panel to facilitate external setting of output valve bias.
  • Standby Switch
  • HT fuse
  • Mains socket with integral mains fuse.


2 x 6L6gc
4x ECC83

Celestion Century Neo 80 watt speaker 102db sensitivity.

Cabinet material: Baltic Birch ply

19".      Width
18"       Height
9.25 "   Depth
Weight 35lbs

Comes with footswitch and power lead.

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