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Gibson GA-6 (1957)

Gibson GA-6 (1957)

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This 1957 Gibson GA-6 is in excellent condition and perfect working order. Retaining the original Jensen P12R speaker, a very original and recently serviced circuit, this is a perfect mid-size combo from the golden age of tube amplification. Similar Fender's Tweed Deluxe of the same era and covering similar tonal ground, the GA-6 features a four input design with a vintage RCA 6V6 power tube pair, RCA 5Y3 rectifier, and dual triode (12AY7, etc) tubes in the preamp.

Offering distinctly different voicings between the single Microphone input and the three Instrument inputs, the GA-6's microphone channel is the hotter of the two, with a thick churning drive that can be broadly shaped by the Tone control for more sizzling cut or wooly, thick saturation. The Instrument inputs offer more clean headroom, gradually cascading into overdrive when dialing up the channel’s Volume knob. Overall a bit brighter, this channel is also very dynamically responsive to player inputs, offering clean chime with a light strum and barking cut with some hair on the notes when hit hard.

The preamp retains all of the original molded Yellow Astron capacitors, , both original transformers are intact, with the output transformer mounted to the speaker frame, and the original trio of CentraLab pots are also intact. The power supply has been recapped, and a three-prong power cable has been installed.

The speaker is the original Jensen P12R speaker has been professionally reconed to restore it to its original tone.

The original dark brown textured covering on the amp is intact (a cosmetic change from the beige speckled material offered on the GA-6 the year prior) and in remarkably good shape. The plating on the faceplate still has plenty of shine, and the amp retains all of its original black silkscreened graphics and the trio of dark brown chicken head knobs. The gold Gibson badge on the amp's face is a vintage replacement.

All-in-all a very , very nice sounding amp!

Requires a step down transformer to operate at UK mains voltages.
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