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Gibson GA-25 (1949)

Gibson GA-25 (1949)

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These immediately post-war Gibson amps are pretty amazing and rare. Following the end of the war, Gibson employed a lot of over qualified de-mobbed soldiers, resulting in a flourishing of innovation. The single tone control on this amp being a case in point, this is not the simple low pass filter of the earlier models, it is surprisingly complex in practise. As a whole, the amp is suprisingly throaty all the way up to the top of the dial, no flubbing out past four for this wee beastie!

The original leather handle rotted away long ago and I think the grille cloth may not be original. The speaker were cheap reissue replacement when we got it so we've swapped those out with high quality Webers & Warehouse ones. Can't emphasise enough how much improvement this has made. We also replaced a few worn out caps, installed a 3 prong cord, removed the death cap, usual. All this means that what you have here is a very unusual looking and sounding amp.

Requires a stepdown transformer to operate at UK voltages.

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