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Gibson GA-20RVT Minuteman (1965)

Gibson GA-20RVT Minuteman (1965)

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You hear a lot of people on the Internet moaning about how these amps are quiet, or the reverb is crap, or the tremolo doesn't work. Well, guess what, there are a bunch of undervalued amps that have been badly maintained and butchered by amateurs that sound absolutely terrible. Who'd have thunk it? When we received this one it was an absolute basket case. Properly set up, as this one now is, and you will completely blown away by this amp. Amazing tones, superb reverb, incredible tremolo, and the interaction of all three produces sounds that you have simply never heard before! Billy Gibbons & Ry Cooder weren't wrong.

This is a very original example. A few caps, a pot, a couple of resistors have been changed. The highly unusual phase inverting transformer was shorting so we had it professionally re-wound. That's about it. Oh yes, we have used repro witches hat knobs to replace the hotchpotch of random that we found it with. The CTS speaker is original and probably contributes a lot to its unique sound. The cabinets on these are really solid, like really, really solid. Makes them quite heavy but they are never going to break.

I don't see any others for sale in the UK, atm, I'm pricing this higher than typical because I know how good it is and it's still priced low enough to be a ridiculous bargain.

Requires a stepdown transformer to operate at UK voltages.

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