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Gibson Explorer GA-18T (1960)

Gibson Explorer GA-18T (1960)

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Is this the best looking and sounding Explorer I've ever seen & heard? I think it is. Sounds just incredible. Clear & articulate at low volume, exhilerating when cranked. This is partly down to the (re-coned) original Jensen P10R, they're an amazing speaker, they have a voicing that's clear but determined, sweet but firm. The trem is just amazing, deep, smooth and full range.

The control panel has some marks & pitting but compared to most of these it's in pretty good shape for an amp that has clearly been used.

All original apart from the re-cone and a judicious re-cap, it's as authentic as they come. The footswitch, the handle, the speaker, are all original and I thnk the Gibson badge is too (but I'm not 100% sure).

A stepdown transformer is required for this amp to operate at UK voltages.
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