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Gibson Explorer GA-18T (1959)

Gibson Explorer GA-18T (1959)

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Another magical Gibson Explorer. As we have established by now, this amp is perfectly paired with the Warehouse G10C speaker.

The amp is in good condition, there is some pitting on the control as is common in these amps, the Gibson logo is also missing from the grille. However, the grille cloth itself, the handle, the tweed and the mahogany footswitch are all original and in good condition. Electronically, a few caps have been changed, as the originals wore out. The tremolo is amazing and the amp sound is versatile & strong. It's easy to hear why it so highly rated by so many professional guitarists.

Requires a step down transformer to run at UK voltages.

A note on deliveries. We use a logistics firm to our deliveries to most parts of mainland Britain. Be aware that each delivery is individually scheduled in with you based on various schedule runs across country. The delivery fee may be higher and the arrival date may be later than with a regular courier but then again your item will not be lost or damaged, nor will yards of bubble wrap & cardboard be consumed.
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