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Gibson Explorer GA-18T (1959)

Gibson Explorer GA-18T (1959)

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Musically speaking, this amp has it all. Whether you're looking for clean or break up, deep swelling tremolo or throaty roar it has it all going on. It might not look like it but this could well be the best amp you've ever had the chance to own.

Cosmetically, it's a matter of taste, you may it looks a mess or you may think it is displaying the kind of character that amps show when they've had a long career grafting to produce heavenly sounds. And, as this amp was recovered from the Ronnie Laine Mobile Studio, you can be certain that this has certainly played a significant part in recording British rock history.

It was barely working when we received it, after being somewhat meddled with. However, there was nothing fundamentally wrong with it and so we have been able to restore to the best of health with the replacement of some minor components. The non-original speaker was shot so, after testing it with dozens of potential candidates, we have settled on one of the Warehouse big magnet ceramic speakers. Sounds truly epic!

Requires a step down transformer to run at UK voltages.
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