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Gibson Explorer GA-18T (1960)

Gibson Explorer GA-18T (1960)

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This amp has it all. Whether you're looking for clean or break, deep swelling tremolo or throaty roar it has it all going on. The speaker has to take some credit, the original Jensen P10R was great when it went in in 1960 and it's still great today. It's perfectly sized and selected for the amp. Just when the amp is breaking up and you think it hasn't got anything left it has just enough to push the speaker right to the edge. It's just magnificant. It's a perfect amp. You just have to come and listen to it, you owe yourself that much.

It's also cosmetically good, clean tweed, matching handle, original footswitch, feet, even. Very unusual to find one in such good nick. There is rust spotting on the control panel, a bit of water damage on the top and four screw holes on the underside where someone installed a step down transformer. If it wasn't for these blemishes it would be too clean.

Requires a step down transformer to run at UK voltages.
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