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Gibson EH-125 (1941)

Gibson EH-125 (1941)

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The EH-125 is a criminally underrated amp from the immediate pre-war era.  Actually, a later model than it's cousin, the 150, the 125 suffered from component shortages and then from being bounced out of the factory to make way for war production.  This is one of the reasons why there is so little documentation and so much variation between the 125s.  That and the fact that it was only in production for two years (41/42) meaning the volumes produced are very low, even by Gibson standards.  This is a very rare example in stunning condition for its age.  For an 68 year old this amp shows no sign of aging when it comes to the sound, it doesn't break up, it growls, daring you to dime it, if you do it doesn't distort, it howls.  You would be lucky to come across a better example of a wartime amplifier anywhere.

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