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Gibson Duo Medalist (1968)

Gibson Duo Medalist (1968)

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Apparently the last valve amp Gibson made before they threw in the towel and went over to solid state only. It's actually a pretty good amp, sounds nearly as unique as it looks. It sounds something like an AC30 mixed up with a Deluxe Reverb. But realy its own thing. And Oh my God the looks! It has a lead channel on one side and a reverb/trem channel on the other (thus the "Duo"). The trem, complete with blinking "speed" light, is fast, deep & choppy, whereas the reverb is quite short & metallic & strangely alluring, like the soundtrack to an episode of Star Trek.

The amp itself is solid, it's a clever design, and is pretty easy to work on. I think there is another version of this, but this one is WAY cooler. Original footswitch, original speaker, orignal everything bar a couple of caps. Even has the original cover which is a thing of beauty in its own right. A must have amp!

Requires a stepdown transformer to operate at UK voltages.
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