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Gibson BR-6F (1953)

Gibson BR-6F (1953)

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If you like blues, early rock 'n' roll or you just like messing about at home, this is one of the best amps you can buy. It's about as simple as an amp can be, which is what makes it so great. For an amp with just one knob it's remarkably versatile, much more so than many amp sprinkled with knobs. The original field coil speaker sounds awesome.  Do yourself a favour, come and play it and then you'll know I'm not making it up.

This one was pretty beaten up when I got it and I've spent a lot of time on repairs and replacing knackered parts, and it now sounds absolutely incredible. Still looks like crap though and that's the reason it's going relatively cheap. 

Requires step down transformer to run it in the UK.
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