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Fender Tweed Bassman LTD Re-Issue (2003)

Fender Tweed Bassman LTD Re-Issue (2003)

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This is the higher spec, lacquered tweed re-issue, with solid pine cabinet construction.  The previous owner wisely swapped out two of the stock Jensen with top-of-the-range Weber 10A125s, tempering the top end of the Jensen with the punchier mids and solid bottom end of the Webers.  The output transformer had been changed to a Mercury one.

I also carried out some improvements when I purchased this amp.  I upgraded the stock (US voltage) power transformer for the a Hammond UK voltage one.  It also had the wrong choke which I replaced with a correct one from Tube Amp Doctor.  I’ve also given it a full service, re-tensioned the sockets, replaced some screws in the chickenheads, and so on. 

All this means that all the amp’s main components are top of the range, guaranteeing great sound and trouble free operation for many years to come. 

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