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Fender Transitional Blonde Showman (AB763) Piggyback (1964)

Fender Transitional Blonde Showman (AB763) Piggyback (1964)

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This is the near-mythical transitional Blonde Showman that runs on 7355 power valves. There are many theories out there on what Leo was thinking when he built this amp, the only thing we can be certain of is that there are very few still in existence. Many have been more or less butchered in an attempt to convert them to 6L6s, this one is completely unmolested.

As if that wasn't enough, this one also has a 1x15 tone ring cabinet loaded with its original JBL D13F. If you've not come across a tone ring cab, and they are also incredibly rare, these are an epic experiment in managing the difficult physics of using paper to push air without incident. A must for Fender fans everywhere.

An aftermarket single button footswitch will be provided for the tremolo. A step down transformer will be necessary to run this amp at UK voltages.
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