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Fender Silverface Champ (1974)

Fender Silverface Champ (1974)

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A really nice Champ from the early '70s. The only circuit so simple that even CBS couldn't fook it up.  Aside from the standard service, we:

  • removed the death cap (for health reasons);
  • removed the snubber cap (for tone reasons);
  • re-wired the taps on the existing, original transformer to 240V and changed power lead to use a UK plug so it can be used in the UK without the need for a stepdown transformer (for convenience reasons);
  • swapped out the shoddy original speaker with a new Warehouse Alnico G8A (for sanity reasons).

It now sounds pretty darn good!

The original speaker is included in the sale, should you wish to sell it on in its original form.

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