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Fender Drip Edge Dual Showman D130 Cab (1968)

Fender Drip Edge Dual Showman D130 Cab (1968)

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Incredibly rare to see a full 2x15 JBL DF130 cab in Drip Edge! Both speakers are the period correct JBL DF130s and sound amazing. In fact, aside from a few cup washers, the cab appears to be 100% original.

Despite being drip edge it has the Silverface style piggyback nuts designed to have the Dual Showman Reverb & Bandmaster Reverb heads bolted on with thumbscrews mounted inside the bottom of the head.

This is a LARGE cab - 45.5" x 30" x 11.5", and it's heavy, it has a handle at each end so it can be carried by two people for good reason, don't imagine you can lug it up the stairs on your own!

If you're in the UK and looking for a drip edge dual showman cab then this is it, probably the only one you'll see in the next ten years, so don't dawdle!
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