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Fender Custom Vibrasonic (1996)

Fender Custom Vibrasonic (1996)

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The Fender Custom Vibrasonic was only made for a couple of years.  Beloved by all steel players and quite a lot of tele players, it's an undervalued beast of a sleeper amp.  15 inches of speaker, 100W of output, four wheels, two channels, trem & reverb, it ticks a lot of boxes. 


To plaguarise and ebayer from Huddersfield: "It is similar to the twin reverb, but with some important differences:- Both channels have reverb and vibrato, the Guitar Channel has a 'FAT' switch instead of the 'Bright' switch, the Steel Channel has the 'SWEET' switch in the same place and the lack of negetive feedback gives it more 'touch sensitivity'.


These amplifiers were only made from 1995-1996 and were renowned for their ultra clean Fender sound - probably the cleanest amplifier that Fender have ever made..."


I've just serviced this one, replaced a couple of preamp tubes, re-biased it, so it's sounding sweet as hell. UK voltage on this, although the export transformer can be configure for taking it anywhere.   It has an Eminence Patriot in it which is probably far superior to the stock speaker it was released with.

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