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Fender Brownface Super (1960)

Fender Brownface Super (1960)

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This here is a centre (center) volume Brown Super made in 1960. These are incredibly rare, more like an extended prototype than a production amp.  There is no schematic. They are the smallest (4 diode) harmonic trem brownface and, being an open back 2 x 10" with a tube rectifier, many think they are the perfect Brownface amp. It certainly is a delicous sounding amp, for sure. In common with most center volumes, it has a brown plastic handle, no metal corners, sharp carpentry over the control panel, pinkish tolex. And it has the tantalising, but unused, "Pulse adjust" hole in the back panel. The Big Iron is all period correct, the 8087 tweed Triad mains transformer has no date stamp, the Schumacher choke is from December '59 and the OT (022855/125A9A - same as the Tweed Bassman) is from '61.  The two matched Jensen P10Rs are from '67, they have just been re-coned and sound great. The chassis serial is 00719 and it has a tube chart which confirms it's a '60.  The footswitch looks original but I can't be sure. It's been recapped in a way you'd expect for an amp over 60 - filter, bypass, bias caps changed, the others left alone. All in all a very, very nice amp.

This amp requires a stepdown to run at UK voltages or, if you prefer, we can fit a UK transformer at cost.

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