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Fender Blonde 6G14-A Showman Piggyback (1962)

Fender Blonde 6G14-A Showman Piggyback (1962)

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For reasons I don't understand there seem to be a lot more transitional Blonde Showmen around than actual Blondes . This is an actual Blonde Showman, the one with 6 pre-amp valves, 3 and 1/2 given over to producing the mind warping harmonic tremolo that only existed briefly during this era of Fender amp production. This amp is devine.

The amp is original in all the ways that matter, the transformers, tbe blue mold caps and so on. It has been sensitively recapped recently, leaky, out-of-spec, cheap filter, bypass & bias caps have been replaced, and the choke is a modern replacent. It looks like it has been re-covered to me, too.

It comes with a reproduction Tube Amp Doctor 1x15" Showman open-backed (!) cab with a nice, original RCF speaker. This is a nice pairing, the open back gives the Showman a more open, less compressed sound that the traditional closed backs.

An aftermarket single button footswitch will be provided for the tremolo. A step down transformer will be necessary to run this amp at UK voltages.

The head and the cab are available separately.
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