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Fender Tweed Bassman 59 Reissue (1993)

Fender Tweed Bassman 59 Reissue (1993)

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Bassman ‘59 Re-issue, dated July 1993, this is the un-lacquered tweed, ply cabinet, but arguably the better sounding re-issue due to the presence of eminence blue frame Alnicos, generally agreed to have a better, rounder sound than the somewhat brittle Jensen re-issues.  This amp is a fairly faithful recreation of the 5F6-A circuit, with all the punch & growl you expect from a Tweed Bassman.

Since obtaining this amp in Europe I have switched the transformer to use the 240v tap and changed the plug to a UK one, also.  I also replaced the power tubes & pre-amp tubes as they were worn and slightly noisy.  I also swapped out the solid state rectifier for the 5AR4 valve it was designed to use.


It’s now in perfect working condition and, having been a studio amp since it was originally purchased 29 years ago, it’s also in cosmetically good shape.

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