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Epitome Electric Lap Steel & Amp (1948)

Epitome Electric Lap Steel & Amp (1948)

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This lap steel & amp set looks & sounds gorgeous. We had to replace a few leaky caps, install a 3 prong cord and remove the death cap, all of which are bagged up and included in the sale. Someone has cleverly reinforced the weakening leather handle with wire. Aside from that this is all original, including the case. The finish, known as "crackle" is not result of aging, it's how it was made, by letting a layer of paint dry over gold leaf.

It's very difficult to put a value on this set because it's so unique. There are a Epitome Electric sets around, acredited to the Federated Teacher Service Corp, this particular unbadged set is a slightly different circuit. It maybe a precursor or prototype. There are references to the Electrical Research Products Inc, and licenses with AT&T and Western Electric, but it's vague. There is some un-verified talk of the pickup being D'Armond. Either way the amp, paired with the steel or with a guitar, produces exquisitely warm and woolly tones, and oozes vintage charm.

This amp requires a step down transformer to operate at UK voltages.
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