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Ampeg SB-12 Portaflex 2-Channel 25-Watt 1x12" Fliptop (1967)

Ampeg SB-12 Portaflex 2-Channel 25-Watt 1x12" Fliptop (1967)

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The Ampeg SB-12 Portaflex Fliptop is just an unbelievable amp.  Currentlym less wellknown than the B-15 but that's all abut to change as the prices for their bigger cousin continue to sky rocket.  Love the black tolex & gold trim aesthetics on this one, which only appeared for about a year.  This and all the transformer codes & serials date this to 1967, the Summer of Love, naturally.  

Like all the amps here at Sweet Amps, we gave this one a full service to get it ready for sale.  Cap-wise, we removed the death cap, and changed the firecracker & cap can, and one or two others, which were leaky and out of spec.  What a difference!  Unfortunately, the speaker arrived with a cracked magnet so we had to find a new one.  We've gone for a Warehouse W12C/S.  This is close in tone to the original Jensen, possibly with a firmer bottom end.  It works well with guitar and bass but a more bass specific speaker could be selected if it was to be used for bass exclusively .  Also, the AC power cable was replaced with a properly grounded plug.  Other than that the rest of the circuit, including the transformers, is original. By design the speaker signal is connected via the side latches, eliminating the need for a speaker cable. Innovative and out there we chose to keep as it is, f course. Latch it tightly!

Do yourself a favour and come and give it a listen!

Requires a stepdown transformer to operate at UK voltages.

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