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Ampeg Reverberocket R-12-R (1963)

Ampeg Reverberocket R-12-R (1963)

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Nice 7591 version early Reverberocket. with 6SN7s and 6SL7s - nice, fat-sounding, octal, preamp tubes. That amp would be a great indie-rock machine. Complete with Ampeg-specific tremolo & reverb.

Original apart from a re-issue handle and a couple of critical filter caps, and a replacement Mercury Magnetic Output Transformer. The Jensen C12R speaker is also original and has been recently re-coned.

Nothing else sounds quite like it. Breaks up and compresses nicely with single coils, push it with P90s and you get a dirty, Velcro fuzz!

This amp is designed needs to run at US voltages so you will need a step-down transformer to operate this in the UK or Europe.

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