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Ampeg R-15R Supereverb 25W 1x15 Tube Combo Amp (1964)

Ampeg R-15R Supereverb 25W 1x15 Tube Combo Amp (1964)

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A super rare vintage 1964 Ampeg R-15R Supereverb tube combo amp in great cosmetic condition. Produced for barely a year, the R-15R is one of Ampeg's rarest models. What makes this amp even more special is its name. In early 1964, after receiving a cease and desist for infringing upon Fender's Super Reverb trademark, Ampeg changed the name of the R-15R to Superbreverb. This Jan '64 model retains the original name and is a rare piece of amp history. Like most Ampegs, the R-15R features a great clean tone that turns into a thick, tweed-ish overdrive as you turn up the volume. The 15-inch speaker adds considerable bottom end, making this one a great jazz amp. It also features Ampeg's long-spring reverb and an all-tube tremolo.


This amp is designed needs to run at US voltages so you will need a step-down transformer to operate this in the UK or Europe.

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