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Fender TV Front Bassman (1952)

Fender TV Front Bassman (1952)

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This is a very, very, rare Fender Bassman,  The Bassman was introduced in 1952 and this is an early one with the TV front style cabinet. The chassis is stamped with a serial of "0091" although it seems doubtful that Fender made more than 20-25 of these.

The amp is largely original, with a beautiful, expensive, copper chassis and control panel. The grille cloth, handle, and one pot have been changed. I also had to swap four leaking filter caps (I have these) to bring it back into spec. The speaker and transformers look original, as does the covering, although it has been painted black. 

There are no easy comparisons available to describe the sound of this amp.  The relative simplicity of the circuit emphasises the uniqueness of the 70 year old components.  Unlike some of the later iterations, this Bassman is a better bass amp than it is a guitar amp.

This is the very amp that was loaned for the purpose of photographic documentation in the "Pinecaster Book". This amp was built by Hily.

You will need a step-down transformer to run this amp in the UK and Europe.

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