Sweet Amps are proud to announce our new partnership with Lenspeed Logistics to deliver our amps safely & efficiently to the UK mainland. We are all familiar with the courier delivery model where we spend hours wrapping our amps up in plastic & cardboard and drop the item off and pray that the item will not be lost or destroyed. In contrast, once you have placed you amp order we will get in touch with Lenspeed Logistics and they will schedule the drop in with you and then pick up the amp from us and put in one of their vans and drive it to you.

For this service there is a flat rate charge of £99 for most of the country, price on request for areas North of Dumfries & the Scottish Borders; for Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion & Pembrokeshire in Wales; and for counties that have a border on the South Coast.

Obviously, local pick up is still our preferred way to sell amps because you can try them out first. But for those of you not within easy reach of our East London shop just select the delivery option and you can rest assured your amp will arrive in the same perfect condition that it was in when it was in our shop.
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