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Marshall 2555 Black Jubilee Full Stack (1988)

Marshall 2555 Black Jubilee Full Stack (1988)

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This amp is the last of the original run of the Jubilees, the Black Jubilees. I bought this about 30 years, cheap as chips and under appreciated, long before Slash started loving on 2555s and before we started loving on him. It's sounds just as good today as the the I first bought it. I won't lie to you, this stack has seen service, some of it pretty glorious and some of it downright disgusting. It's been used but not abused, and it's never let me down, and it won't let you down, neither.

I've given it a full service, and changed one plate load resister which had drifted off spec and one capacitor which was undersized to begin with. Apart from that, everything is original and performing perfectly.

Note I am selling the full stack, that is the head and both cabs, just as Jim intended in 1988. The slant cab has V30s, the straight one has G12T-75s, so you have some sonic choices.
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