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Fender Drip Edge Bandmaster Head & Cab (1967)

Fender Drip Edge Bandmaster Head & Cab (1967)

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Incredibly rare to see a full 2x15 JBL stack in Drip Edge! Both speakers are the original JBL DF130s and sound amazing. In fact the cab is 100% original.

The Bandmaster head is similarly awesome. There are a few small tears in the grille cloth here and there as you'd expect with equipment of this age, and the back panel is a repro replacement from Tube Amp Doctor. We have removed the death cap, installed a 3 prong cord, replaced some leaky caps. Previously someone has replaced some cab with Orange Drops. Other than that, original.

Sounds really, really good! Stupidly good value.

Requires a step-down transformer to operate in the UK, available on request.
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