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Fender Blonde Showman (6G14-A)

Fender Blonde Showman (6G14-A)

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For reasons I don't understand there seem to be a lot more transitional Blonde Showmen around than actual Blondes . This is an actual Blonde Showman, the one with 6 pre-amp valves, 3 and 1/2 given over to producing the mind warping harmonic tremolo that only existed briefly during this era of Fender amp production. This amp is devine.

It comes with a reproduction Tube Amp Doctor 1x15" Showman open-backed (!) cab with a nice, original RCF speaker. This is a nice pairing, the open back gives the Showman a more open, less compressed sound that the traditional closed backs.

An aftermarket single button footswitch will be provided for the tremolo. A step down transformer will be necessary to run this amp at UK voltages.
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