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Fender Blonde Bassman 6G6-B (1963)

Fender Blonde Bassman 6G6-B (1963)

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This is a rare, and very handy, export model, the early version with the internal tag board to switch voltages. I'm going to assume you know all about the 6G6-B Bassman, the one favoured by Brian Setzer, Barrie Cadogan, and a whole host of other great guitarists. This a great specimen, the head is almost completely original. Transformers, choke, etc, all original. Most of the original paper caps have been replaced, as you would expect. The back panel is a modern replacement.   Someone's done a nice job of re-stuffing the cathode bypass caps with modern replacements. This is about the best possible head you could find for a UK user.

The cabinet is entirely new. The cab itself is a high quality mojotone reproduction, very well done. I added all the Fender hardware and installed two WGS12C/S speakers, which sound amazing. At 75W apiece there is no chance you will blow them, unlike the originals which are pretty marginal at high volumes, more so now than ever.

Overall, this is as good a rig as you could ever dream of.
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