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Ampeg Jet J-12 (1959)

Ampeg Jet J-12 (1959)

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Made in March 1959, this is an early, extremely rare Jet J-12.  The navy random flair vinyl covering and wide panel front are typical for this early guitar amp.  However, this is the only one I've seen with the Ampeg name printed on the grille cloth, probably placing it in the first month of production, the 138th, to be precise!  The amp has original transformers, Sylvania tubes, original handle, and the speaker is a period correct Utah Alnico replacement.  You are unlikely to find a cleaner, more authentic looking example.   This amp is designed to run at US voltage and so you will require a step-down transformer to operate with UK voltages.

The amp itself sounds fantastic with drippy tube tremolo to die for, 15 watts and 12 inch speaker, it has sweet chimey cleans and gets dirty when cranked.  This is a highly playable piece of amp history.

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