Welcome to the first blog post!  As a new shop we have been concentrating on the basics, getting our stock ready for sale, getting our shelves & signs up and so on.  Now we're up and trading we are going to start work on a few other things:

  1. We have started taking in repairs.  We have a strong partnership relationship with JPF Amplification of Denmark St.  I'll write a separate post on how our repairs operation works soon.  For now, let's just say we offer a service fixing valve amps and some pedals (not all can be fixed!).  Ring or email ahead on the day to be sure we'll be ready for you when you arrive, let us know if you need to access our parking space.
  2. We are going to do a web site redesign.  Nothing major, just a few changes to add our branding to the site.
  3. We'll start sending out newsletters.  These will mainly be about amps, not surprisingly.  We expect we'll get quite a bit of feedback which will hone our understanding of what customers want to hear about.  Sign up by entering your email address into the “Subscribe to Emails” box below.  We'll be observing the usual opt out protocols so don't worry that you'll be cursed for eternity with tedious amps news.
  4. We will still be working on getting more stock up for sale.  I'm currently focusing on getting some of the bigger amps ready.  You may have seen them in the window, now I am getting them up for sale on the web site.  I posted the Super Six today, the Dual Showman will go up once we have one of JBL D130Fs back from being re-coned, and we have two blonde Showmans not far behind!  At the other end of the scale you may have noticed we  posted up a some early Champs last week.  Once we have a wide range of amps available we will have a better idea of what people want so we can respond to customer demand!
  5. We are starting to experiment with amp appropriate deliveries, more on this later!

That's it for this one, keeping it short and sweet!  Bye for now, Jim.

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